Mackenzie Scherer

Building Businesses, Changing Mindsets


Mackenzie has a passion for small business. Her love for all things tech related and years of helping small business succeed pushed her to start Brokesite. The struggle of so many small businesses to keep up with the ever changing technology left many businesses stuck in the past. This led her to begin her consulting practice as well as become a mentor with SCORE.

Mackenzie has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. She focuses on more than just the technical issues, she examines how the human element can affect your business. She also runs a digital support group focused on helping business owners who struggle with mental health issues.

Speaking Topics


Digital transformation of your business

Workshop: Learn tips and trick of transforming your business into a digital giant.

Local search optimization

Workshop: Google My Business is one of your greatest weapons to get found locally.

Website development and requirements

Workshop: Did you know like your physical location your website should be accessible to those with disabilities.

Streamlining your business with technology

Workshop: reduce waste by automating daily repetitive tasks.


Female empowerment

Keynote: Overcoming a male dominated industry.

Keynote: Building business through relationships

Adapting your business to societal changes

Keynote: Diversity in the workplace.

Keynote: Adapting to societal changes.

Mental health and business

Keynote: Working with employees who struggle with mental health issues.

Keynote: Overcoming anxiety and depression to run a successful business.

Mental Health and Business

Fighting Against Depression as a Business Owner has many distinct challenges that effect the day to day operations. What can entrepreneurs and business owners alike do to relieve some of this burden? Join me along with guest Mackenzie Scherer as we discuss today’s topic.

Digital Meetings

Moving from physical meetings to digital meetings can feel like a barrier, but Mackenzie Scherer, an independent technology business consultant, says it can be an opportunity. Scherer says that with good moderation, a digital meeting experience can make people feel more included in the discussion.

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