Nonprofit Services




Organization Structure

Is your leadership structure helping or hindering your organization?

Resource Use

Nonprofits operate on a fixed budget, I’ll show you how to get more from less.

Marketing on a Budget

There are numerous programs to get free marketing dollars for your nonprofit.


Nonprofits are on a tight budget, with limited resources. Let me help you stretch your resources to make the greatest impact.

Assessment of Needs

Implementation of Plan

Follow up

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Organization Structure

Is your organization setup for productivity or is your structure wasting time and resources. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes is needed to see the changes that can benefit your organization the most.

Resource Use

How are your resources being spent? Do you feel like your resources could be utilized better? Let me take a look to see how your resources can be better utilized.

Marketing on a Budget

Did you know there are thousands of marketing dollars that your nonprofit could be eligible to receive? Most nonprofits are not utilizing the free resources they could be to promote and raise awareness about their organization. I will walk you through the programs your organization can utilize.